Leader: Mary Edwards

Usher Job Description: The church usher duties can be summed up in a few words – making people feel welcome at church, assisting Pastors and teachers with people management, assisting with seating, collecting offering, and maintaining a safe environment. The outline below shows how to perform those duties. Please review this material carefully and feel free to ask any questions and bring up issues that you feel need to be addressed.

Ushering Best Practices

Concentrate on the people. Seat the people as near the front pews as it seem appropriate. The back seats can then be filled with latecomers. If people insist on seating in certain places let them be.

Be alert to available seats and be ready to lead worshippers to the vacant seats. Approach with the phrase “May I show you to a seat?” with a smile. Never usher worshippers to their seats by waving your hands. 

Do not allow worshippers to enter the church sanctuary when prayers are being said from the pulpit. Politely tell them to wait at the entrance until after the prayers are over. 

Humility is key in an usher. Ushers are required to be punctual and time conscious as they are required to be at church far earlier than the rest of the congregation.

We should always offer to seat people, and while you are doing this, introduce new guests to someone and hopefully thy will offer to come and sit with them. Don’t just offer them a seat, but finds someone that can sit with.

Once service begins, especially when Pastor is teaching, it does not matter who it is, ushers need to seat everyone. People come in and look for their friends and wander around and it is horribly distracting. Seat them. Tell them that in order to help cut down on distractions, you want to help them be seated. 

Please ask guests that have children if they would like to see our nursery and take them and introduce them to the nursery staff. Let the decision to leave their children in the nursery be theirs.


·        Chew gum in church

·        Force a hug when greeting

·        Separate families when seating them

·        Point when seating guests

·        Raise your voice at anyone including children



  March 2020  
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